About Us

EAC Youth Ambassadors Platform (EACYAP) is a youth engagement initiative of the East African Community (EAC) under the Political Affairs Department within the framework of the Nyerere Centre for Peace Research.

Current Ambassadors

The Current Ambassadors provide focal leadership for the implementation of national youth programs under the East African Community in the different members states.

Esther Karikumutima

Ambassador, Republic of Burundi

Jackson Nkezabahizi

Deputy Ambassador, Republic of Burundi

Wairimu Manyara

Ambassador, Republic of Kenya

Esther Gitua Wambui

Deputy Ambassador, Republic of Kenya

Sarah Mutagoma

Ambassador, Republic of Rwanda

Chelsea Inyumba

Deputy Ambassador, Republic of Rwanda

Mabile Madit Jothdit

Ambassador, Republic of South Sudan

Ayen Mabek Lang

Deputy Ambassador, Republic of South Sudan

Edgar Mutungisa

Ambassador, Republic of Uganda

Princess Inshuti

Deputy Ambassador, Republic of Uganda

Bernaddette Massawe

Deputy Ambassador, United Republic of Tanzania

Eben Mnzava

Ambassador, United Republic of Tanzania


What Motivates Us

The baton of leadership and development has always belonged in the hands of young people. We understand the responsibility of the mandate laid upon us and rise each day to engage and voice the vision of young people across the continent, as leaders of a generation with boundless potential.

Our Vision

A majority youth led continent with commitment to elimination of disparity limiting all-inclusive development to ensure no one is left behind.

Our Mission

We exist to provide leadership and a representative voice toward building capacity for East African Youth to champion people-centered, inclusive, progressive and sustainable integration.

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Our Partners

Our Partners are critical to the delivery of the Youth Agenda. We work closely with national and regional governments as well as youth-led/allied organizations to implement initiatives for the youth.