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Who We Are

The Premium Youth Engagement Initiative of the East African Community.   —  Ivan Sebastian Ssegawa, Regional Coordinator, EACYAP

EAC Youth Ambassadors Platform (EACYAP) is a youth engagement initiative of the East African Community (EAC) under the Political Affairs Department within the framework of the Nyerere Centre for Peace Research.

The Platform’s mandate is fostering youth participation in national and regional governance and EAC integration processes. This mandate extends to being active influencers of EAC programmes and policy frameworks to address the emerging day-to-day realities of young people within the community.

Its leaders are selected through competitive processes which feature an annual regional integration-themed debate.







Our Initiatives


The EAC Youth Agenda Consultations

Nothing for us without us. The East Africa We Want Consultations were part of pre-summit activities, organized together with YouLead consortium members at national level (one convening per EAC Partner State). The consultations were conducted online in the form of open webinars with each country having a dedicated day of consultation.


The East African Community National Youth Council Roundtables

YouLead and EAC YAP in partnership with the Kenya National Youth Council convened the East African National Youth Council Roundtable as a pre-summit activity, bringing together National Youth Councils and representative bodies from the 6 member states to consolidate the gains made for youth participation in the regional integration process.


Border Outreach Programme

Under the African Union Border Program (AUBP), the East African Community Youth Ambassadors undertook a multi-stakeholder outreach programme targeting the border districts/communities aimed at sensitizing the youth within the border communities, local leaders and actors as well as border agencies on issues hindering regular cross border movements and threats linked to irregular movements such as smuggling or trafficking as well as evaluation of the response to the covid-19 pandemic in line with the EAC Response plan.

Upcoming Events

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EACYAP Leadership

We work as a well-oiled machine with each part working in tandem to bring out the best results. At the helm of this operation is our talented and revolutionary leadership at the EAC Secretariat and on the platform.

Wairimu Manyara

EAC Youth Ambassador Kenya Regional Coordinator, EACYAP

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Mabile J Madit

EAC Youth Ambassador South Sudan Regional Coordinator, EACYAP

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Head of Communications EAC Youth Ambassadors Platform

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Barbra Kaboha

Programmes Assistant Political Affairs Department, EAC Secretariat

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David Onen

Principal Political Affairs Officer East African Community

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“Say what you will about the aspirational nature of regional integration, there is no denying that avenues like the East Africa Youth Ambassadors’ Platform present our young people with a bit of power to say “it is time we moved in unison.” That is as strong a message as they come.”

Joel Roy Mucunguzi

Lawyer at Signum Advocates, EACYAP Member Cohort 5

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“Serving as EAC Youth Ambassador to Tanzania was a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop and grow my leadership skills. I saw the value and power of youth empowerment. My plea is for more institutions to avail similar channels to young people so as to create a critical mass of youth leaders who can take the reins and move our region forward.”

Raphael J. Kambamwene

5th EAC Youth Ambassador, Tanzania

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“Thanks to EACYAP, I have realized that as a young person, I have the power to change my life and the lives of those around me. I have support, training, and a system that challenges me daily to find solutions to the problems that my country and the whole EAC region face.”

Tony Mihigo

6th Deputy EAC Youth Ambassador, Rwanda

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The platform gives young people the opportunity to exercise themselves in leadership and advocacy not only at a national level but working with equally driven young people from across the EAC. The experience I attained as Ambassador to Uganda prepared me for leadership today, cognizant of the fact that our accomplishments feed into a regional and continental pool, executing the generational mandate.

Jacob Eyeru

Chairperson NYC Uganda, 3rd EAC Youth Ambassador Uganda

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The youth ambassadors are a phenomenal group of young people, driven in their work and capably representative of the readiness of youth across the region to embrace the responsibility of shaping their nations futures, and ultimately becoming the Africa we wan.

Ivan Atuyambe

ED You Lead Africa